\\ About us

The master plan

There are a number of apps cyclists use today including Strava, Epic Ride Weather, TrainingPeaks, VeloViewer and Komoot but if we are being honest (especially while enjoying a recovery beer) we don’t think any of them are great. To make it worse, none of them are open-source where we could jump in an improve the apps for ourselves so we decided to start an open-source project and create the best cyclist app in the world, making it freely available to anyone that wants to use it. Cool eh? We think so as well.

Helps plan better routes and rides

Tracks rides and fitness riders performance

Connects riders and notifies them about clubs and group rides

Real-time communication on group rides and information about where you are riding

Hosts interesting competitions


Beneath these bullets are of course lots of details and some crazy ideas like How do we create Tinder meets Meetup for cyclists using machine-learning? and How to create Waze for cyclists that shows riders where the most accidents happen or where riders get the most punctures? We ultimately also want to  create a better version of Strava where riders can compete over a richer set of competitions such as who can ride the furthest or climb the most in 24 hours. We may even start a global competition league at some point and we promise not to do dodgy things like sell your data to governments for “research” like Strava does.